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Chapter 002 is second chapter of Kamisama Hajimemashita.


Plot Overview

It begins with a dream of a young boy wearing a fox mask sitting alone by a wooden post. He asked a woman named Yukiji if she was going to "where that man is" after she gave him rice bamboo cake. After which Nanami wakes up, unable to remember the dream. Onikiri and Kotetsu then burst through the door finding Nanami already set to leave the shrine, afraid that her presence would make Tomoe go away. Onikiri and Kotetsu beg her to stay but Nanami remains headstrong with her decision but wishes to say goodbye to Tomoe and apologize for intruding. Kotetsu runs to get him but Nanami stops him, wishing to go to him herself. The two will-o-wisps say that they don't mind it but Tomoe may be it the other world. The world full of yokai where humans are very vulnerable. The netherworld. They find Tomoe in the red light district. Despaired, they beg Tomoe to return to the shrine and be Nanami's familiar so the shrine would not break down but Tomoe tells them that he doesn't care what happens to the shrine that he was relieved even that his jobs as a familiar had come to a halt. He only wished to live in lust and get drunk everyday. Nanami hears this and is angered, leaving.  Just seconds after she steps on the streets she is attacked by yokai but Tomoe saves her saying he would take her back to where the humans should be. But Nanami slaps him, telling him he was the one who should go home. She could not believe that Tomoe could abandon his home so easily. They end up extremely mad at each other and Nanami demands she be taken back to catch the bus to school. As she waits, the will-o-wisps continue to pester her. They tell her that if she made Tomoe her familiar he would absolutely obey her. At this she stops and smiles evilly, asking how to do it. They tell her that she just has to kiss him. Nanami runs away, horrified. Kotetsu and Onikiri rush to Tomoe, panicked at Nanami's disappearance. Meanwhile, Nanami stumbles across an old lady who'd fallen by the weight of her luggage and sprained her legs. After helping, the old lady suggest Nanami stay the night since it was already dark. The old lady lent Nanami a room which she accepted gratefully. In the middle of the night the door creaked open revealing a tired Onikiri from running around to find Nanami. He immediately tells Nanami that they must run for where they were was actually a den of a witch.




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