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Ako Mori (亞子 森, Mori Ako) is the mother of Kirihito Mori. She cares for her son even though she knows her real son is actually dead and the current Kirihito isn't her son. It is unknown if she is alive as she was saved by Kirihito when she was a spirit.


Her hair is always tied back in a bun. She was always seen wearing a kimono, giving her a traditional style.

When she was a wandering spirit, she still wore a kimono. Her hair was tied in two pigtails. This may be also what she looked like when she was young as she had this appearance when she was in her younger form of herself.


Ako Mori, more commonly known as Mrs. Mori, is the mother of Kirihito and cares for him deeply. When Kirihito died, she was extremely worried and crying. When Kirihito woke up possessed by Akura-ou, she cried holding his hand and apologized for being a bad mother.

Even though in the end she found out that her son had been possessed, she still continued to care for him. She was strangled by Yatori when she found him sitting in Kirihito's room.

She became a wandering spirit in the younger form of herself. She was found by Mikage and brought along by Nanami to Yomi. She insisted that she need to find something in Yomi, and she told Tomoe that she knows that people do change. When she was almost being attacked by Yatori, Kirihito leaped to protect her, causing Kirihito to be killed instead. She still cried for him when he told her the truth about his son.



Kirihito Mori

Kirihito is her son whom she cared for.


She treated him as her own son when Kirihito's body was possessed by Akura-ou. Akura-ou eventually warmed up to her and protected her when she was attacked by Yatori. In the end his spirit was shown laughing at himself saying that he was as foolish as a human as he loved another human.