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• 12/19/2018


Hey! I tried watching the OVA in english using this website, but the quality was so poor that I am certain that it was a poorly done fandub done by some people on their laptops. So I am guessing Funimation has not officially released an English Dub of the OVA (Kamisama Kiss Kako-Hen)

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• 5/3/2018

Reviving This Wiki

Hi guys, SeiShii here, and I wanted to say that this wiki has been dead for a while with no staff around, I thought that if me and some other users join together, we can update this wiki with the latest manga chapters as well as season 2 and Kako-hen of the anime!

This wiki was handled pretty well, and it still has a lot of potential, and if we come together, we can make this wiki the main source for the anime and the manga! Please don't ignore this discussion and leave a message on my message wall if you're interested in reviving this wiki.
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• 8/21/2017

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• 12/1/2016

Is Kuromaro a female or male?

I looked at the voice actors of kuromaro and there was two-female and male. And in the manga, ookuninushi described kuromaro as 'a shy female' and there was a page of her naked female body. 
This is legit confusing. If any of you can find any info about this, please reply so that I can edit the page.
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• 11/29/2016

Akura-ou and Tomoe

Is Akura-ou gay towards Tomoe or just clinging to Tomoe cos he was always with him?
I hope Akura-ou is gay, that would be fun for a romance manga/anime
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• 10/14/2016

Ending revealed *SPOILER ALERT*

So basically, tomoe became human, they got married with a son/daughter. Then they gave a shitty 10-year time skip straight away. Tomoe became a... Business man? He was shown carrying a briefcase. Then as for nanami... I couldn't tell.
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• 10/14/2016

Past arc to the present

How does the past arc link to the present? I really don't get it no matter how many times I read it
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